A Qawwali-ty evenings work…

I’ve been filming quite a lot of music over the last few years from Falcon Lodge’s Live at the Lodge, to Rick Astley, The Pretty Things, ExCathedra and others.

Sunday night was a night of music at Town Hall. This time in the company of Rizwan-Muazzam Qawwali. I know very little about this type of music bar it has Islamic and Indian traditional roots, the singers and musicians span incredible range and the audience were totally absorbed, drawn in and occasionally dancing in the aisles!

It was the final night of an 8 city UK tour – not sure Qawwali groups have the same “last night buzz” of more rockier types but it was brilliant night!

A benefit of all the music filming seems to been to master the minor art of toe-tapping along to the music – if it doesn’t disturb the camera gear obviously – and thoroughly enjoying the performance while at work!

It’s been a while since I shot in HD, in straight out of camera Rec 709 and on a long lens that still didn’t seem long enough! I actually put the A6300 on my Sony 1.8 50mm Prime while the A7Sii is on 24-240 3.5-6.3. I struggled a bit on this – mainly trying to disable the auto-focus – but the ClearImage Zoom was very, very useful.

Not looked at footage fully yet as not all tracks realised but will revisit – and because I will want to sync it all up and have a look anyway!

Some links:

The concert you all missed at Town Hall:


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