My creation IT’S ALIIIIIVE(stream)

It amazes me how quickly things move in this industry. From sat trucks, OB units and galleries to sending live pictures from your smart phone in what feels like a very few years of being around news and TV.

Theatres moved into Livestreaming and I was lucky to be involved on the first RSC productions to come from the theatre – links will follow.

There are some great all in one solutions – the Mevo manages multiple “shots” from one camera, with a lot of effort a decent mic can be rigged… The LiveU box is a fantastic SIM based box you hook to a camera and beam back to a watching client.

And these are new players compared to established high-end systems, things like Teradeck that I’ve not used because well they are expensive.

I’ve used more  jury-rigged, stripped down, “affordable” solutions for streaming AKA Studio In A Box. The idea being taking the bare minimum, using clients existing kit, or whatever you can hold of, having converters, cables to make the whole thing fit together. Oh and Ethernet cables.

While it is nice to be able to transmit something from anywhere, on an iPhone, it is much better to be able to run proper sound, vision mix, use multiple high-end cameras, bring in video, stills, straps, bugs, all on a laptop with some very clever software.

Originally tested with trial of Wirecast, some cabled EX1s. Since tested and proved with an iMac for a bigger screen and an added audio mixer and a couple of MC50s… Then adding a vision mixing box in for ease.

Most recently I worked with Birmingham THSH to stream a band live to Facebook. One presenter wielding a gun mic; 2 Canon C100s, one fixed wide, one with an operator on a 70-200mm;  iPhone SE on 3m long cable for a spare angle; XLR and USB audio mixer to override all the other macs for clean sound. And free software. Free. Plus me directing, mixing, checking sound, and streaming etc. And it worked.




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