Staying Alive(stream)

More streaming with the lovely folks at THSH and a fun and toe-tapping event…

Due to “events beyond our control” it became a one-man OB in the end. Mixing 3 cameras but trying to vary shots on the close when had a chance – thankfully the TH tech staff sorted and monitored audio feed leaving me one less thing to do.¬†Taking into account safety and ethernet ports did end up at the back of the hall so not most dynamic shots but safety of visiting kids vs cables (even thoroughly taped down) and discretion was better part of valour etc.

Canon C100, Sony A7sii plus Logitech HD920 and could have matched colours a bit more but in the end became more important to client to go to air! The webcam set to wide, high and dark became vital for not showing kids at an event for kids…

OBS held up for full 1 hour 30 mins and according to the stats no dropped frames.

THSH link here:

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