Final promo for the MXTV Celebrity programme

One of the best things about working in this “world” of journalism / TV / broadcast / digital / stuff is the places you go and the things you get to see. From backstage at the RSC to standing in the sea watching a reconstruction of a 9th century ship triumphantly… not quite launch the first time.

And then there’s the people. Some people are awesomely talented. Some are nice. Some (irritatingly) are both. Others are neither, and worse.

Joshua “MckNasty” McKenzie is one of the good ones, a great talker and teller of tales, incredible drummer, and an actual human being not media trained out of all reality or afraid of talking about his flaws. Fascinating to hear about his early life and his discovery of music as his thing – and determined to make it work for him – along with his own faith. He’s managed to tame or at least work with his demons and learnt a lot about life.

We spent the day filming with him at the Red Bull Studios in London as he recorded his new album with a range of pretty amazing guest musicians and a sound that combines a huge range of styles. Having heard bits of the sessions I really am looking forward to the record!

On the work side it was an “interesting” first shoot using Sony A7Sii as A and 6300 as B camera but with no 2nd operator, runner or Doc Ock extra sets of arms.

The baby brother camera of the A7Sii worked well left to it’s own (PUN WARNING) devices… The autofocus proved snappy and reliable autofocus and part of the reason I added to kit. I kept it in HD and do need to run tests regarding the 4K overheating issues but in HD not a worry at all. About as savage on it’s batteries as it’s elder sibling.I would have liked to keep a better eye on it with regards to exposure / SLog as some got a bit iffy but a little ProDenoise in the final stages of the edit did make up the slight flaws.

It did also make me finally go out and buy the Sony XLR audio box system as I do not want to deal with two cameras, keeping a bit of producer-head on (as I was going to be editing as well) and run a Zoom with a radio mic and backup! Plus for the run and gun or rapid grabbing of vox pops etc it just fits need.


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